Saturday, September 30, 2006

Appreciation-do u appreciate?

Hey folks- I’m trying my hand at blogging again and this time I have NO clue what I’m going to write. 10 mins have disappeared and I’m still looking at the blank screen so I figured I should type this out so the screen won’t look blank anymore. I don’t know if that made sense but my screen looks better…

Have u ever bothered to notice the “miniature” details of life? I hadn’t till a few days ago. I sat in class –our teacher went on about some “stories” she heard about our so called notorious and LOUD class…We all looked at her well at least it looked like that. Our eyes were on her our minds as usual were sidetracked somewhere else. Someone was thinking about how they’re going break the haunting news of not getting “first-class” grades to their parents or maybe they were counting the seconds for the bell to ring, waiting for the glorious moment for our teacher to get out of class or how they wanted to drill her head through the wall…but my thoughts for a change weren’t drifted that way.

I looked out the window, at the blue skies staring down at me. We never appreciate the beautiful skies…but manage to crib when the skies change their colour for the day and become grey. I looked at the trees in the quadrangle, we walk pass them everyday without acknowledging the fact they do add to the ambiance of our quad. It might sound brainless but if u try to imagine the quad without the trees you wouldn’t see anything but a barren ground.

Admiring nature is something we do during many points during our lives, but throughout our existence on this globe we should learn to admire the other small things....... for example how my mom never forgets to ask me how my day was when I come back from school or how during every occasion, when I’m feeling blue I manage to find a note from one of my friends may it be Dolly, Rishika or Prerna sitting on my desk. Whenever I get off the phone with my mama’s or mami’s they never forget to remind me that they love me.

In today’s materialistic world it is important that we find happiness by appreciating the small things which at the end of our existence make our lives look larger. Appreciation may be one word but its meaning is so deep. This deepness we can go on reaching and exploring till the end of our lives, if we understand how and what it is to appreciate. Appreciation doesn’t reach ones heart if it isn’t said with compassion and sincerity.

Well I managed to write something….to some extent, whether I got the message through or not I’m not sure but I hope I did. One last thing “constructive criticism” will be appreciated…It’s not the question of not liking all the good comments, but this criticism will just help me to write improved blogs which will make your read more satisfying.


anish said...

Hey, well done! Appreciation is one that the world lacks, if not the world, at least Dubai!

A good point made, and I agree.

Blog on!

rishika said...

omg..rayna...i was just telling someone the other day how this world just does'nt understand the value of appreciation.....the litte things that count..and here youve written a blog on it!!..youve actully moulded my thoughts into your
wait a second..
was that ''someone'' you??

Rayna said...

het negi...I'm pretty sure that "someone" wasnt me...i think taht someone was someone u made up in ur brainy lil head! lol..

Menaka said...

Extremly well written and no "errors" lol....Appreciation is a quality in ppl which is never appreciated. Looking forward to your next topic.


rishika said...

yes and a 'het' to you too...and no...the person was who i said all this too was definitely a real person...i think it was advita...hmm..not sure..o...what the hell..i still think the blog was good...
[ do realise you don't have copyright to publish my name on your blog without my yes...i can sue you...(omg..i have got this law thing wayyy up my head...).regardless of the fact that i know you since 1st grade..hahaha..].. :P

Rayna said...

Thnx mini...hopefully i can come up with better topics. HET again Ms.iluvmyname2much4it2beused who cares sue me if u want...yeah i think that some1 was adu..

gauri said...

Hey Rayna! Very true.. Most of us take so many things for granted. Like we'd always have good friends, beautiful ranibows, carefree college days and all things nice for always. I heard somebody quote the other day, "Dream like you are going to live for ever and live like you are going to die tomorrow."

Try getting you hands on this book called Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. I'm sure you'll like it.

Nice post! Congratulations!

Rayna said...

hi gauri...that was a pleasant surprise, i'll try and get my hands on the book!

rishika said... have been reading wayyyy too many meg cabot books..i mean..''Ms.iluvmyname2much4it2beused''??..come on....dats taken out straight out from..well..any meg cabot book...and i use my sur name cuz dats wht lee calls me now...ok fine..she calls me rish too..but 'rish' is gay..negi is better..any day...
- Ms.iluvmyname2much4it2beused (aka negi!)
[ps..really..??..i can sue lawyer's ready any time yours is..haha]
[pps..'Ms.iluvmyname2much4it2beused' reallly lame..dont use any of dem without parental supervision in the future...or at least someone with a good humour... :D ]

rishika said...

lol..and yes 'ryana'...your next topic shud be abt ''curtains'' of luk with dat one..
[o..and just so you shud previous comment..was only 'constructive critism'....loll....ring a bell??]

Rayna said...

NEGI...calm it...i dont know about the whole curtains thing lets see..and i promise not to call u Ms.iluvmyname2much4it2beused , now dat i think of it , it does sound a lil meg cabotish but i didnt think of it that time....;-)
cya in school!

Dolly said...

hey rayna!!
yes yes..i know i really appreciate the things u do and stuff..ur welcome!!
lol..nice message..and you think really well when u do nothin..

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