Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Love = Bullshit

I read this on my cousins facebook profile page - " I love you has eight letters and so does bullshit." I didnt think about it much, till it came up in one of our lunch "talks" between me and Niyati that is.
Another one of my friends had her personal message on msn as - Why do fools fall in love?

Really got me thinking.

As little girls we saw those freaking Disney movies, you know with the happily ever after endings. Thats where the notion of - oh my God, I want to be in love too someday too - birthed from, And then there's chick lit, chick flicks, even in those damn action movies the hero after all his thrills an stunts, with blood and scars on his body, his oh-so hot perfect muscles, dirt all over his clothes manages to get the hot girl at the end of it all. Basically almost everything around us, what we see gives us false expectations about this thing called love. Whatever that is.

As Niyati and I got talking about this, we realized that there are a few friends of ours who are apparently "in love" , well we just decided not to acknowledge them, passed them off as the few "lucky" ones. So in conclusion, after about fifteen minutes of talking about this, we decided, love is bullshit. I said it with all my heart, love is bullshit. It doesnt exist, it's just a jumbling of neurotransmitters, hormones and of course the infatuation inducing stimulant - phenylethylamine in our bodies. There aren't any real Edwards Cullens.Period.

So we got talking, why the fuck do we need the male species.... Niyati said at the end of it all they are needed just to procreate, carry the race forward. We managed to come up for a solution for that too. Sounds ridiculous and it is influenced by our English class but we can just save all the sperms in a sperm donation bank and kill the male species. It sounded so majorly cool when i said it at that time, after typing it right now, I realize how idiotic it sounds. For some reason, its sounds idiotically super cool.

Hatred towards men and love, we've read about it in Miss.Julie, an extract from the play that I enjoyed alot - (Miss Julie to Jean) "You think I'm so weak - oh, I should like to see your blood, your brains, on a chopping block - I'd like to see all of your sex swimming in a lake of blood - I think I could drink from your skulls, I'd like to bathe my feet in your guts, I could eat your heart, roasted! You think I'm weak - you think I loved you, because my womb wanted your seed, you think I want to carry your embryo under my heart and feed it with my blood, bear your child and take your name !"

99% of the people reading this aren't going to agree with the "love is bullshit" theory. Even though, Love is created by chemical reactions in the brain. Eating chocolate gives off the same chemicals in the brain, giving one the feeling of love. Eating chocolate seems like a better option.

Love is "supposed" to be this beautiful, magical thing and then today afternoon after my aha-moment, I realized its not. Its really not. A very negative way of looking at it some might say, I havent ever been in love, I dont intend on. By this time, our friend Anthea had shot us quite a few looks filled with pity, at least thats what I perceived it as. Pity. And she said, "you guys have lost it, completely" with such conviction that for a moment I really did feel like I've lost it.

I may change my mind a few years from now, I may not.

It seems pessimistic, I think for me, It's just practical.
Bullshit love.