Saturday, May 09, 2009


It's raining. His favourite time of the year. She was sitting on the footpath, hugging her knees. Shivering. It was way past midnight, she ran her fingers through her wet, soaked hair. She remembered his strong fingers that once ran through her hair, pulled her close to him. She hugged her knees closer. It made her warmer, just like he used to make her feel.

The rain started pouring harder, the wind started moving faster, her pulse increased, just the way it did when he whispered in her ear. She rested her chin on her knees, closed her eyes. She saw blackness, nothing ahead of her. She opened her eyes, rain drops sticking on her eyelids, she stared into nothingness.

The cold didnt bother her, she wore a black dress. The one he gifted her on her birthday. Raindrops trickled down her bare back like velvet, just like his kisses flowed down her back. She looked down at her feet, mud splattered. Her legs, cleanly waxed stared back at her. She was reminded of the way their legs tangled, his skin on hers.

She hid her face in her palms, felt her breath. She wanted so badly to feel his hot breath. The night was becoming darker, so was her heart. Tears fell down her face, her eyeliner smudged as her tears got mixed with the raindrops and fell down into the the puddle next to which her black-strapped heeled feet were rested. The moon began to make its way throught the clouds, she hoped to see her reflection in the puddle, the moonlight gave her a sense of hope, she looked down at the puddle only to see his reflection, his dark brown eyes staring back hers.

[ So this is post is just a "scene" that popped up in my head when a friend mentioned the word "rain." 100% fictional, honest feedback is appreciated ]