Sunday, December 03, 2006

Opening and closing doors

I know many people believe in fortune-tellers and horoscopes but if all this were actually true, would there be any fun in leading your life knowing what’s going to happen next?

The mystery keeps us going. Every moment is uncertain, you never know what’s going to happen next…It’s like opening door after , after door not knowing what kind of circumstances are going to embrace you.

Each door leads us to another and on the way we pull together experiences of love, pain and joy which becomes a part of our being. Sometimes there are times when we are faced with a number of choices, a choice to open many doors. Again, we have to make the choice not knowing where it is going lead us.

At times we regrettably close doors…distant ourselves from opportunities or save ourselves from unknown dangers but then again if we all knew what was going to happen then everybody would lead perfect lives. The anticipation and anxiousness for something new to happen would just fade away and evaporate… After thinking about this I wonder why people believe fortune-tellers, do our lives follow the stars? Or is it just a way covering our insecurities?

Opening the right doors and closing the wrong ones is in your hands. After all, Life is about opening and closing doors.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ray :P
Sorry that's the first cool intro I could think of. Only...... It's not cool. :S
I'm so lame.

Anyways..Moving on. We've all heard the expression before, and it's actually a really good one. I think we both have one to close, you know what I'm talking about.

Well. I have two to close actually :P .. My front door's open and it's effing cold!

shalaka said...

i luv ur choice of topic. so many doors in life still closed, waiting to be opened. very true... sometimes there r doors that you regret opening, sometimes there r doors that you regret closing. oh well, that's life - we should learn to face it. anyway, on a different subject - PLEASE GIMME A TOPIC TO WRITE ABOUT! IM SO FREAKiN' CLUELESS! thnk u,lol.
byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, cnt wait for ur next post. keep blogging.

Rayna said...

Radhii, i know wht u r talkn about and v will close that one 2mrrw.
Shalu, i've been waiting 4 a post update from u...there r MANY topics i'm sure u'll think of 1

Menaka said...

"the fault dear brutus is not in our stars but in ourseles that we are underlings"

(the only line inknw frm julius ceaser)

hehhehe...nice post as usual keep it up:D

Dolly said...

hey rayna!
oh well..its true that there would be no fun in life if we knew what was to wouldnt be the same-there would be no happiness, joy, excitement, sorrow, pain etc.
but at the same time, i dont think that to open or close doors is in our has its own twists and turns and we dont know about any of them..they just come and go..we cant stop them or let them go on..but we can only guide them and be careful..i dont know if ur gettin my point or not..
anyways..well written and waitin for your next post!!

rhea said...

great post..the whole thing bout unpredictability.. i mean life wud b plain blah without mystery i guess..anyway kewl blog! :D

*reshma* said...

hey. this is one of my fav topics, life...yea it always leaves me amazed and always will...there is alwasy 2 sides 2 life, happiness n sadnness and love and pain and it goes on...point being u can never expect wats behind every door u choose 2 open or wat door u choose 2 close and tats tat....i cud go on n on but ill stop here, likd ur want 2 rite one 2..but me cant! boohoo, lol..nyways cya 2mrw

Anonymous said...

Awesome post. Interesting topic. All-in-all a very thought-provoking read. Brilliant sentence construction. About the idea, I completely agree, congrats :P

But sometimes, we close the wrong doors, sometimes we open the wrong doors, and pay the price for it. It's usually a big one, but whatever right?

Wrong. When it comes to making choices, we must always think twice, or even multiple times, so that you know we would live life to our fullest.

Without the bloody horoscopes.


Rayna said...

Nishant. loved the comment.

nishant said...

And anyway, the horoscopes are wrong half of the time, I wouldn't really trust them if I were you.

Rayna said...

srry dolly....i loved ur comment.