Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Blogger's Break

Well, I haven’t been updating my blog and a few of my friends have been waiting for me to do so. Sorry to let you guys down but I’m taking a break for a while because I have things going on in my life that I’m trying to cope with. Once all this shit stops, and when I can start thinking straight again….I will be back.

“Sometimes, it's hard to say no if you really mean yes. It's hard to close our eyes if we really want to see. It's hard to forget if we really can't. The hardest is to go if we really want to stay.”


Anonymous said...

I've been waiting and i shall continue with no complaints:). I'm sure your comeback will be superb. Hope everything goes better for you. I love that quote at the end btw - who's it by?

Rayna said...

i dunno...:P thats y i left it at that

*reshma* said...

hope things get better..take care..i luv the quote 2...the last bit is somewhat connectd 2 wat im dealing at the moment...lifes a highway..i wanna ride it all night long!! (lol, srry was lstenin 2 song :p)..will be waiting fer ur nest post wich will no dout be pressure :p dun wrry abt all the shit hppenin now in ur WILL get better!! luv yeaa!! take it from me :S

menaka said...

times like this come and go,
at times high, at times low
so i wish you my deer friend
the best of luck
from start till end

and i know you're comback stuff will be amazing just like the rest of the blog. till then *will be waiting*

andi love the quote

p.s the dramatic poem is by me dunno why i bout it though lol...

Anonymous said...

*put not bout

Rayna said...

mini...that really touched my hurt. you should write more often :)

Nikita Castelino said...

Hey man Rayna was reading some of your articles !!! WOW they are very well written and very inovative stuff man !!

You know i hardly come online ..... but know after reading different articles on different peoples blogs i have decided to go on the computer more often !!

Hope things get better at your end ... can't wait to read your next post !!

take care .. cya at school

Anonymous said...

Raynoo !
NO break !
Even I've been being lazy !
Lol inspire me to continue like you inspired me to start!

Radhii said...

Okay. I just realized something.

My name didn't come on the last one :S

So yea. The last one was me.