Monday, March 12, 2007

What if?

What if the world was flat?

What if the skies didn’t exist?

What if I never found love?

What if I died tomorrow?

What if I couldn’t feel pain?

What if I couldn’t feel happiness?

What if I couldn’t feel both?

What if I numbed myself?

What if there was no war or violence?

What if peace didn’t live?

What if water tasted bitter?

What if air didn’t have oxygen?

What if God couldn’t take the time to bless us?

What if by being wrong I save a life?

What if the sun rose from the west?

What if I started seeing upside down?

What if I didn’t believe in life?

What if there was no life?

What if my building came crashing down?

What if I told you I’m right and you’re wrong?

What if I felt like I was loosing control of myself?

What if there was no love?

What if …….

The list goes on….”what if’s?” are thoughts we cant get out of our minds…they give us hope or just really put us off life itself. I cant imagine thinking without what if’s…can you?


Dolly said...

if d world was flat: i guess we wudnt hv moved arnd..
wht if u neva found luv: not possible-ur too sweet for us not 2 luv yah..luvv u
wht if u died tom: id die wid u
wht if u cudnt feel pain/happiness: id hv 2 suffer wid u..
wht if u numbed urself: ill gt d best doc in diz world 2 'de-numb' u??
wht if there was no war: d world wud hv been a better place :)
wht if peace didnt live: d world wud hv been a terrible place
wht if h20 tasted bitter: id put sugar n make it sweet
wht if air didnt hv oxygen: God is not soo unkind-he'd giv us anodr source to breathe n survive
wht if God dint hv tym: we'd diee
wht if by bein rong u saved sum1: dats good :)
wht if d sun rose frm d west: it wud sett in d east n d north pole wud hv wintr first
wht if u strtd seein upside down: dat wud b fun :P
wht if u dint believe in lyf: umm..i dunno..dats 4 u 2 think
wht if there was no lyf: den v wudnt b there-den hu caress
wht if ur bldg came down: id search n excavate d hole area to find u
wht if u told me ur..: id analizee d situation n then c huz ryt n huz rong
wht if u felt..: u often do feel lyk dat dont u?
wht if there was no love: dont wna thnk of dat..

hey rayna,
nice post..n i jus got sum things in my head so decided to put em down..well i dont think there will ever b a tym when there will be no 'what ifs?'
so yea..well gtg..dads bak frm india..long tym since u put up a post-good one..i guess every1 will strt bloggin agn (except me-im reeli bored of it nw) w8in 4 ur nxt post..biee


Rayna said...

dolly.......exactly my point, we always have actually most of the times we have answers to ur what-ifs but sometimes they're just random thoughts and we cant think these answers dont really come to us ...
thanx for writing so much...i know how much u hate

Shalaka said...


Dolly : Good effort indeed!!! HAHAHA! Great answers lol!

Rayna : Awesome post! I told you it was good:D!

What if blogging didn't exist (:O:O!)??????



rishika said...

'what if you never update your blog?' was all that was going thru my mind ever since march started.. :P ..well..turns out '' what if's '' can be proved right or wrong...wrong in my case...

so happy youre back to blogging..!!..good comeback post!!!..but then again..i think life would be easier without all the what if's...and you got it all wrong..there ISNT any peace in the world..but i guess its not bad...well..iraq and USA to be exceptions...ohh..and india and pakistan... :D

love rishika

[ dolly...nice one!!]

Menaka = .).... said...

what if, what ifs didn't exist?

To ask, percieve, believe and lead....a true way of life....

so keep at it with the what ifs, and keep the imagination flowing..

blog awayyy


Rayna said...

rishika....peace still exists in its own way..

Anu said...

worst one u have written sorry to day this...

Anonymous said...

heyy!! thx shalu n rishi!!
mini-well said: To ask, percieve, believe and lead....a true way of life...wwhered ya gt dat frm?!?

Rayna said...

Sorry to have disapponited u anu but i write my stuff on the spot its just the way my thoughts flow.

hellfire425 said...

What if God couldn’t take the time to bless us? ...
I resent this comment..

If the other stuff happened.. Human beings would be suited to different conditions in their span of evolution ..

Rayna said...

well thats why its a 'what if'

priyanka said...

life's full of " what if's"..... n most of the time they do not show hope...but jst turn us off frm life....believe me...the past 2 months has jst been "what if's" for me and the have not shown a bit of hope. i guess these are things which u just have to live with. they are a part of the ever confusing and intriguiging cosmos that runs our lives.