Saturday, March 24, 2007

I wish...

I wish I knew you and you knew me.

You seem unreal even though you’re a few miles away.

I dream you into life and it makes me smile.

You irritate me the most without you knowing it.

At the same time you unintentionally make happy.

Our conversations have decreased to a full stop.

I cant remember what you look like anymore.

I’m trying to come back to reality.

Its going to be a long, hard way.


I still wish I knew you and you knew me.


Shaz said...

nice post......especially like the 3rd line " dream you into life and it makes me smile." i guess that all anyways blog on...

Shalaka said...

I wanted to be the first to comment:P:P!!!!

I told you (TOLD YOU) blogging is your 'thing'!!!

Stupid 'giver-upper':P.

Anyway awesome post!


It's my 2nd favorite post on your blog.

"BLOG ON!":)

I knew my lecture would work.

*reshma* said...

awwwiee...nice post...i actually find the 3rd line pretty weird..i dunno...fell it dusnt sound right...but nyway..real nice post...i hope in future u get 2 noe this person real well :)

rishika said...

it was short and sweet....really good for someone who wasnt thinking straight at that point..

priyanka said...


loved yr post. u knw wht, u think in rhyme n writing and bloggin are really yr thing. dnt give it up....keep at it and u'll do grt. its a talent and u shud let it grow.

Anonymous said...

can relate agen..ur really good at making people know they have company too..indirectly..