Sunday, April 08, 2007

A reason to live

A reason to live. A few of us reach a point in our lives when we want a reason to live, rather we need a reason to live.
The torture is insufferable.
Life is a whole glob of mess and disarray.
Everything just seems bitter.
You become bitter.
You want to be free like a bird released from a cage.
You want to be loved.
You want to sit alongside a rainbow, with colours filling you in.
You don’t want bitterness, regrets, broken love, hopelessness, rejection, depression and isolation to be a part of you.
You want happy songs and days of pure unlimited bliss.
You want emerald grass to tickle your feet and the wind to brush a stroke of relief against you.
And you still want a reason to live.


Shalaka said...


Another masterpiece *applause* (well, it would be there if there was an audience:P)!! WOW! Brilliance achieved. Your blogposts make sense and they are very relatable to. Honestly.

I loved the line : You want to sit alongside a rainbow, with colours filling you in.

You must never stop blogging!

Shaz said...

dum post huh???...ure mad...ure a frkn genius when it comes to stuff like keep posting
PS:"You want happy" songs hahaha what is this bollywood...kiddin....)

Rayna said...

shalu, shaz thanks.
the reason i said dumb was in dollys words it was "purely dumb" :P
and happy songs....doesnt not mean bollywood lol i didnt mean it in that context

priyanka said...

another grt post!!! keep it up dear!!!

Anonymous said...

heyy...can totally connect..if u feel like this..iz okay..i think all of us are experiencin this..just move on..:)



Menaka = .).... said...

rayna, as shalus sed another masterpiece...

you have a talent of venting out your emottions on paper, it will take you far...

Keep blogging =.)


Anonymous said...

omg...i never thot..rayna..cmon!!..dont be depressed abt THAT!!! :D
[trust one but rayna will get this...and probably dolly..]]

tc..good post

Anonymous said...

Come join med school and you will know =D

nishant said...

Wow. really, wow

Rajeev said...

WOW!! this is amazing! :)

peace & love