Thursday, May 17, 2007

Infertile Mother

Surrounded by barren pain
Stinging tears
Crashed hopes
And emotional drain

Her eyes burn with fire
Free from happiness
Her heart heavily hollow
No one can fulfill her desire

The cruel comments come one after another
She wants to be lonely
Knowing she can’t give birth to a new life
Knowing she is leading the life of an infertile mother.


Shalaka said...

Raynaaa! You updated:D!
I want to update my blog so bad, there are 5-6 incomplete drafts just... just lying there. But I can't seem to complete them :S..

Anyhooo, I like the last paragraph the most and the rhyming scheme is pretty cool : ABCA, lol.

Good one:)!

priyanka said...

another great turnout....keep writing n u'll get better at poetry writing. :) keep it up girl.

srinath said...

woh!!! what made u choose this subject?

it's kinda sensitive, u know!

tell me what led to writing about this.......I thought the beginning was very good, but the ending was kinda cliche..........i have preferred some of your earlier writings....

Shalaka said...

Ms. Rayna Sanghvi, you are kindly requested to update your blog since you happen to be a brilliant writer.

Thank you.

Anusha said...

i like!...touching
and different!! i like that! :)