Friday, December 28, 2007


Yes, its been a while since I’ve blogged…almost 7 months. I’m back now(hopefully), Its been a bag of emotions the past few months and I’ve definitely seen better days but that’s life as they say.

I’m moving to India, Amchi Mumbai to be more precise. Its supposed to be a new beginning, a new life yada yada yada, but I cant bring myself to “let go.” Its like being thrown into an unknown world of things, places and people I don’t want to make an attempt or an effort to get to know, I don’t want to be thrown out of my shell here in Dubai, I cant imagine life without my friends who over the years have become closer than family, It’s sort of like losing my identity… But then again I should be making an effort, shouldn’t I? A question I ask myself every single freakin day. My mother says it will be a “good change,” Something I don’t believe rather something I don’t want to believe in. Even then I should be making an effort, shouldn’t I? It’s the only way to be happier in a new place as most of my family members tell me, but do I want to be happy? Will I be able to be happy without my comfort zone?

I decided to make an effort; I went to Bombay for five days and four nights. My new school was the complete opposite of Modern, something I don’t know if I should be proud of or not. =S. I got bitten by a gazillion mosquitoes, got my heart broken and flew back to Dubai.

I don’t know what I want, I don’t want to move from here and that is something I can’t have. Will I be able to live through it? My friends say I will but I don’t know if I can. A sea of uncertainties is what my mind is swimming in right now, and I can’t bring myself to do anything about it! I used my blog to vent out my feelings, unfortunately I lack good vocabulary to make my post more “interesting” but then again I just needed to let it out.


Anonymous said...

aww .. Ray:P
u do have to make an effort and i doubt it will be easy
but u will manage and i know that.
you have still got us... we aren't in the same country as you but we are still there.
So u can count on us .. and u will make new friends.. people would want to be friends with an amazing person like you.

By the way .. it will be more hard for us especially me .. i'll miss u like hell.

i wish you didn't have to go but i guess it is for the good .. so just don't worry everything will be okay

And we all are there for you .. always and forever ! :D

love u loads,

Shalaka said...

*jumps up and down*

YOU'RE BACK !!!!!!!

YES ! :D

Anyway, good post. And, I'm sure you'll be able to manage. Adjust, rather. Like Bhavi said, we're still here, just a phonecall/email away.

We'll miss you too Rachel .. Ray. :(

Take care.


(Account causing problems again)

rishika said...

okay Bhavi..she's not leaving tommorow...God, the drama you people do..

back to the post..not one of your best.. =P

and don't you worry..Amchi Mumbai will be Sex Bomb yaar and and after a few months it will become Habbit..and you always have Shimoni and Armaan (LOL) and by then Suhani'll be back from everything's cool yaar..

Anonymous said...

hey i'm not doing any drama :P
geez Rishika!


priyanka said...

hey Rayna,

ok..i can tell u that u will definitely adjust to Mumbai. trust me i was also pulled out of comfort zone and thrown into kolkata and i was much younger then.(its harder to adjust whn yr small)..
sooo...dnt take this as leaving yr comfort zone, take it as an adventure, whch u want to conquer and suceed. and your friends are defitely jst a phone call away so dont worry abt losing them.