Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Missing you?

Missing things you don’t want to miss
Wondering about that first kiss
Is everything real and true?
Or was it just me and you
Tough isn’t it? Waiting for that phone call
Just one last time, that’s all

Missing things you don’t want to miss
Feelings you cant dismiss

I thought I was the best friend
Looks like I was wrong again
How am I supposed to be alright
When I know, he’ll want to be with her tonight
Missing things you don’t want to miss
Still wondering about that first kiss?


Anthe said...

I love this one!!!
I so feel what you mean :)

Menaka said...

This really nice =)!
i agree with anthea, i feel what you mean.
So glad your back to blogging *sheds a tear*

Shalaka said...

Ray =)

I'm so glad you're blogging again, hope you keep at it! I love this, you really put your feelings into it. Really nice. =)

Megha Bhattacharya said...

Sweet! :) :) I am so glad you are writing.
I so get what you mean.. <3