Friday, October 31, 2008

Going Home

Imagine a huge, heavy rock being lifted off of your head.

Imagine being under water for a time long enough to nearly kill you, and then that relief you get back from emerging from under water gasping air, that first breath you take after being suffocated under water.

Imagine walking, dragging your feet across the sand in the middle of an isolated desert, wishing for a drop of water as the heat burns your clothes to your skin, and when you get that gulp of water, in that moment you forget everything , relish each molecule of water slipping down your throat.

So it sounds damn melodramatic but thats what I felt when I landed in Dubai on the 24th of October.

It felt so so so so so so so so good to just be home and what made it better was that my best friend made it the airport to pick me up despite the flight getting delayed by more that 2 hours. Four full days in Dubai, I forgot all about bombay, JNS, IB and all the other Bombay shit. "Living in the present" is what they call it, and honestly for the first time I think I managed to do just that. Not a thought about when I was going to leave nor about how it was when I left Bombay. Just being there with my friends was enough. I cant believe how unbelievably lucky I am to have such brilliant friends who did all that they could to spend time with me, even though they were busy with school and work.... Thanks guys =)

Undoubtedly the best days I've had since I've moved here, I even woke up today morning thinking I was still in Dubai with this huge grin on my face only to open my eyes and realize I was back in Bombay. I felt really really stupid after that. Anyhow, I managed to overcome the "hate" I had for Bombay, I came back with a happy, satisfied mind. And I haven't felt this good in ages. Dubai will always be they say home is where the heart is, but right now I'm in Bombay and I'm happy.


Shalaka said...

Aww Ray, I miss you !

Well-written by the way :)

*reshma* said...

i would do nything..even if it was just go back there and suck in the dubai heat..i weirdly miss it..especially now tat ive realisd im highly allergic to blore weather!! yeah they r reely an awsome set of ppl..who are soo easy to love and soo hard to forget..but thnk God fer tat..
i hope they knw the extent to how much theyre missed!! n im talking abt all of us, u n me n sonia n shaun n jus all of us! felt good reading ur post..brought back some pretty sweet memories .. :D
love y'all back there in dxb..n love u too happy ur givin bbay a chance..hang in there man..itll all wrk out!! :)

dolly said...

aww raynaa!!
i love uu! <3
come back ssooooonn :(

Me =) said...

woot* Bombayyy!!
yea, baby! =p


the mindless wanderer said...

You are so right rayna I've been dying to go back to calcutta and relive that one feeling of security when you are at home but sad for me that it's been 5 years and i havent visited the smell of the soil in the rains the warm vapours that leave my lips in the winter and the amazing shine of the sun in the summer i miss it all so dearly. You are indeed lucky to have had the opportunity to go back but i have'nt been so lucky.. now all that i can do is let my mind wander to every second i have lived in a place i soo dearly love and try to relive that moment but that is impossible.. and so carpe diem indeed!